House of gaga a tribute to lady gaga

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House Of Gaga

Why a Lady Gaga tribute?

Introducing:  House Of Gaga 

North America's No. #1 Lady Gaga Tribute!   Bringing the Gaga experience to your stage!

Lady Gaga is one of the most famous & influential women of modern times.   She has won over 300 awards including most notably 9 Grammy’s, 1 Oscar, 2 American Music Awards, 7 Billboard Music Awards, 8 BMI Pop Awards, 12 Guinness World Record Awards, 13 MTV Awards, and so many others.  Lady Gaga’s already massive fanbase grew exponentially after her Oscar nominated performance as Ally Maine in the movie A Star Is Born in 2018.   This spawned the smash hit “Shallow” scoring her an Oscar award and several Grammy’s to add to her already impressive collection of awards for her chart-topping hits:  Pokerface, Bad Romance, Born This Way, Just Dance and Million Reasons just to name a few.

Lady Gaga is currently performing in her Vegas residency until the end of 2021.   Her Vegas show Enigma is reportedly bringing in over 1 million per night making her one of the highest paid entertainers in the world.  

Lady Gaga is one of the hottest stars of our time, and her popularity is immeasurable.  

House Of Gaga brings to life the Gaga Experience.  This is not a typical show based on playing music by the artist & throwing on a wig.... This show is as authentically Enigma as you can get without being the real Enigma.   House of Gaga showcases replica custom made costumes, dance choreography, music & theatrical performances all based on Enigma.   This show will make audiences want to get up & dance, and make them feel like they are actually at a Lady Gaga concert.  It can be family friendly or as raw as Mother Monster herself.

House of Gaga, unlike other tributes, offers several different line ups of the show to meet the needs of each venue, festival or event.   Whether you’re looking for all the bells & whistles of a Lady Gaga show or something a little smaller or intimate, there is a version of this show for all events & every budget.     

House of Gaga includes:   The Show Band, (5 piece band with tracks & 2-4 dancers.)  The All Female Line Up, (4 piece band with or without 2-4 dancers), The Trio, (consisting of bass, guitar, piano & tracks), The Acoustic Duo (consisting of acoustic guitar & piano) and the solo, Canadian Gaga with piano & tracks.

House Of Gaga performs 90 minutes of energy & hit songs including:   Pokerface, Shallow, Born This Way, Bad Romance, Just Dance, Telephone & much much more.


Recording artist Tonya Kennedy known for her strong & powerful vocals as Lady Gaga.


Meet Tonya

Tonya Kennedy is no stranger to the music scene.  From 2008 - 2015 she could be found touring Canada & parts of the USA promoting her 2 nationally nominated albums.   Tonya gained public attention with hits at radio & performances such as East Coast Music Awards. Her music is still heard across Canada on radio.

House Of Gaga

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